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Men Over 30

Billy is with us today to show off his tight ass and ripped bod. This manly man takes good care of himself and loves to show off for all his fans. He brought with him his very own dildo to show just how deep he can go. Billy fucks himself damn good with that big thing in a few wrist bending positions that would make any man hurt with pleasure. The moans he makes from pounding his sweet ass and pulling on his hairy chest will make you cum just as intense as him. Enjoy!

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Double Headed Dildo







Lucas Entertainment

Justin Cruise and Franco Ferarri — what, oh what, are two bottoms supposed to do with one another? There’s a simple answer for that question: they need to take turns fucking each other to see who ultimately comes out on top! Franco and Justin are of similar build and size but they couldn’t look less alike: Justin Cruise is a fair-skinned Russian, whereas Franco is a fire-blooded Latino. Justin and Franco first loosen each other up on one of the studio’s favorite toys: they pump their holes on a big, black double-headed dildo. The motions back and forth get their cocks hard for some flip fucking: both guys get a chance to fuck, but who’s better at it? You’ll have to watch the scene to find out!

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Gay Massage And Male Dildo Fuck

Rub Him, gay massages

Today one of these dudes was asking for the full butt pounding treatment. The massager first shows him patient the slim glass dildo that he is going to soak and stuff inside his asshole. The expression on the dude’s face is just incredible. He knows it’s going to hurt but he wants to get fucked anyway and he enjoys a hard ass pounding as much as he enjoys a smooth, relaxing full body gay massage.

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